crime parliamentWoman 48 years old and working since the age of 17, now with a handicap pension of 460 euros, with her mother in greater age also with health issues and a 24 year old unemployed son. Well not any more.. Her handicap pension has been vertically reduces to 150 euros. Early in the morning she called on a Greek radio show to ask for help. Not asking for money, since she can’t buy anymore the drugs for the cancer treatment, but asking for some «goods» such us eggs or some lam, to feed her family these days..

An excellent way to start your own day, right? Curious about something.. When was the last time during the crisis, that all the payments and the pensions of Greek Politicians have been reduced -not a lot- let’s say 60% down, just to make the things fair?? Never.

Should you want to have some more detailed facts, about the economicals of Greek Politicians, I strongly suggest to have a look on the following link: http://digitaljournal.com/article/319313



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